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COLLABORATIONS / Photographer Asma Salehi

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation is proud to announce a philanthropic collaboration with artist Asma Salehi.

Born in Kabul and now based in California, artist Asma Salehi has graciously agreed to donate half the proceeds from the purchase of Buzaak Chinie - The Porcelain Goat to The Khaled Hosseini Foundation. This traditional folktale from Afghanistan contains vivid full color illustrations and tells a cautionary tale about not opening the door for strangers.

Asma is one of a very small number of Western educated Afghan – American women writers and artists to re-tell traditional children’s stories previously handed down in the age old art of spoken folk tales. In this era of computer generated art, Salehi's artwork pays homage to traditional, hand-drawn and hand-painted illustrated children's storybooks. Asma Salehi has said, "with writing and painting, I am able to share the gift of these folktales and leave behind art and stories that people can reflect on and share with their own families".

The book may be purchased for $25 plus shipping and handling by selecting the link below. We hope you take this opportunity to purchase this lovely book while helping those in need in Afghanistan.


Visit Asma Salehi's site at for additional information.

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