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COLLABORATIONS / Photographer Joseph Hoyt

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation is proud to announce a philanthropic collaboration with photographer Joseph Hoyt.

Miami photographer Joseph Hoyt has graciously agreed to donate half the proceeds from the purchase of Afghanistan 1970-1975 Images From An Era Of Peace to The Khaled Hosseini Foundation. The photographic book contains 50 high quality black and white images from Afghanistan during its most recent era of peace. Hoyt's exhibition of photographs has been shown recently at The San Francisco Public Library and at the San Jose Repertory Theatre in conjunction with their production of The Kite Runner.

The photographs are the culmination of Hoyt's travels throughout Afghanistan in the early 1970’s and offer a photographic narrative of the region when its people were living in a peaceful and thriving community. Hoyt captures the sentiment of the book best when he says, "solutions for Afghanistan’s future may lie in our ability to look back at an era in its recent past when the nation was at peace."

The book may be purchased for $20 plus shipping and handling by selecting the link below. We hope you take this opportunity to purchase this incredibly moving collection while helping those in need in Afghanistan.


Visit Joseph Hoyt’s site at for additional information.

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