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PRODUCTS / Zardozi Gift Cards

Include a 4x6 card with your purchase and let your gift speak the language of love and compassion. Each gift card has a specific story of an artisan/Afghan Refugee woman, at work on her lovely handcrafts and a story of her personal journey to earn a living to support her family. Your gift's recipient can see, first hand, the pictures of the artisans. On the back is a special To: / From: section to personalize your gift. Choose from these five stories:

Farzana's Story:

Farzana has two children and is the sole wage earner as her husband is unable to locate work. They have eleven people living in their house and, prior to Farzana working, had little money for food or clothing. Through her work, she is able to provide food and clothing for her entire family. She hopes to continue to increase her income to be able to buy medicine to treat her asthma.

Nazanen's Story:

Nazanen's husband is working at an ice cream shop, but his income is not enough to fully support the family. She has three children. Through her work, she is able to provide the basics for her family, and she also dreams of one day earning enough to send her children to school.

Razia's Story:

Razia is 35 years old and has been raising her three children alone since 2000, when her husband passed away. Through her income, she is able to fund her son's education and the family's daily living expenses. Without her earnings, she would not be able to provide the basic necessities for her children.

Shabana's Story:

Shabana's father does not have a job, and it is very difficult for him to obtain the funds needed to support his five children. Through her embroidery work, Shabana is able to buy food and clothes and pay the family's utility bills. She also provides funding for her younger brother to attend school. She hopes to earn enough to afford medicine needed by her mother.

Description of Zardozi:

All the Zardozi's trading income is reinvested to create additional employment opportunities for the Afghan refugee women who make the products. In existence for over 25 years, Zardozi provides jobs in manufacturing to more than 1,000 women in Kabul, Jalalabad, and Peshawar. Many of these women would not otherwise have the opportunity to create income for themselves and their families. The income earned through Zardozi enables the women to provide food, medicine, education and other necessities for their families.


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