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There are several websites you may use to help with the collection of funds from your events. Please see below for a listing of resources:*
The site allows you to collect donations from your fundraising event or athletic challenge. They will set-up a website for you to accept donations for your event to benefit a non-profit organization, they vet the 501 (c) (3) you are sponsoring, process donations and provide support. At the end of your event they provide the donation to the organization, less a 7.5% fee.*
The site lists charities and allows you to do challenge gifts to get others involved in donating. They also have a “tell a friend” form and a registry you can use for gift giving events or fundraising. They do charge a fee of $2 per transaction and 3% per transaction.*
This site allows you to start a fundraising campaign for a foundation of your choice. Create a profile page, start a fundraiser and share your project page with friends and family. Donations will automatically route to the foundation of your choice through CrowdRise. Each donation will be assessed a processing and transaction fee.

Download a printable PDF Fundraising Sheet

Download a printable PDF brochure

Watch and Learn

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation & SOS Video (5:45)

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation & SOS Short Video for Fundraising (3:32)

If you are interested in receiving bookmarks for your fundraising event please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in our Foundation and your desire to hold a fundraising event. We know that together we can make a difference.

* Please note that we have no affiliation with this website and suggest you do your own research before determining if you would like to use any services the site offers.

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