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GET INVOLVED / Community Fundraising Events

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation has established a fundraising resource page in response to the many emails received requesting information on ways readers and donors can help raise funds.

Please see below for ways in which you and those in your community can assist in raising funds.

  • Bake Sale

  • Musical night or talent show

  • Raffle or Bingo night

  • Dog wash or car wash

  • Hold a skills auction with a few friends – offer to provide skilled handyman services, cook a homemade meal, cleaning or ironing services, concierge for an hour to help run errands or make appointments, etc.

  • Register good quality, gently used items with a consignment store or sell items on eBay or other reputable online selling vehicles

  • Coffee morning or pancake breakfast for friends and family or colleagues

  • Quiz or game night with family and friends (pay to play)

  • Sponsored tech free time – If you are a frequent cell phone, blackberry or video game system user you can have family or friends sponsor you for periods of time when you do not use these devices. Provides a great way to have family “unplug” and reconnect.

  • Hold a “guess how many” contest with a small prize – i.e. guess how many balloons are in the car, jelly beans in the jar, etc.

  • Recycling drive – a way to donate while reducing our footprint on the environment.

  • Sponsored athletic event or challenge (Walk-a-thon, biking, push-ups, etc).

  • Register for donations rather than gifts for that next special occasion.

  • Place a jar at your desk for donations or a basket or snacks folks can pay for.

  • Hold a barbeque with face painting or balloon tosses

  • Sponsored silence – have friends and family sponsor you for an hour, day, etc of silence for those big talkers

  • Ask friends and family to donate an hour of their salary

  • Work to assemble a line of coins and ask folks to contribute to the line – you can have people sponsor you for every foot of coins you are able to assemble and donate the coins as well.

  • Bag packing – Ask a local super market to allow you and some friends (6-20) to pack shopping bags at the shoppers request and ask for a donation.

As with all fundraising events, participation is key to success as well as advanced notification to ensure interested parties can attend.

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