TKHF’s featured fundraiser

We are pleased to share another fundraising story with you. Pegah Williams has held two fundraisers for us over the years, her latest was a fundraiser held in lieu of gifts for her birthday. We are grateful for her generosity and compassion for the women and children of Afghanistan. We hope you will read her story below and be as moved and inspired as we were.

It began on the day when I was moving out of my parents’ home and starting a new life with my new husband in his home. I recall going through some of my things stored in my closet. There were clothes, shoes, and purses. My mother was standing behind me, scolding for my shopaholic tendencies. She would pull out shirts, skirts, jeans, and purses that I had bought, but never even wore once. I was really ashamed of myself when she reiterated that the sales [tags] were still on them. My mother calculated the total amount of money I had wasted, (an amount I am too embarrassed to reveal here), and asked God to bless my new husband for agreeing to marry a person like me.

Sitting in the middle of the pile of things, I realized how lucky and fortunate I am to live a life where I can go to any store I want and purchase anything I want, even if it is not a necessity. Although feeling lucky and fortunate are positive emotions, the reality of the situations for other people around the world depressed me. It saddened me to know that the amount of money I spent on three pair of shoes, four purses, six scarves, three pairs of blue jeans, and eight blouses that I had purchased could have been used to provide doors and windows for one shelter that housed six people in Afghanistan.

That day, as my new husband pulled up to my mother’s house to help me move my things into his home, I realized that God has blessed me with such an amazing man. It is my job and duty to give back to God’s world in any way I can.

– Pegah Williams

Thank you again Pegah, without your generosity and people like you, we would not be able to continue to help the women and children of Afghanistan.

We will feature fundraisers periodically throughout the year, those tireless volunteers who have sacrificed their time and energy to hold fundraisers on our behalf. We are eternally grateful for our volunteers and fundraisers. If you are interested in fundraising for TKHF please contact us at If you have held a fundraiser for TKHF and would like to share your story we would love to share it, please contact us at