Meet Farida!

We are proud to introduce Farida, one of the street children we are sponsoring through our grantee Trust In Education (TIE).  At 14, Farida was working on the streets of Kabul in an attempt to support her family.  It was a daunting task, as she has four sisters and a brother.  Farida lost her father eleven years ago in a rocket attack and, as a result, her income was needed to supplement what her brother earned as a shop cleaner.  Now, through TIE’s program, she is able to attend school.  She is no longer working on the streets.  She can now spend her days in the classroom, studying and planning for a brighter future.  She is intelligent, maintains good grades, and works very hard in school.  Her hope is to become an engineer one day.  We are incredibly honored to be able to sponsor her education and hope that one day she can realize her dream of becoming an engineer.

    Farida      Farida

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