Khaled Signs Amnesty International’s Open Letter on Women’s Rights in Afghanistan

On May 20th Amnesty International hosted a “Shadow Summit” in Chicago at the onset of NATO meetings.  The Summit’s aim was to bring women’s issues to the forefront of the NATO events, since they were not slated to be a focus when the future of Afghanistan was to be discussed. See article covering event.  Amnesty International penned an open letter to President’s Obama and Karzai, signed by luminaries and activists for women’s rights.  Included in the signatures were Madeleine Albright (former US Secretary of State), Sima Samar (Chairperson, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission), Meryl Streep (Actress and Human Rights Activist), Sandra Day O’Connor (retired US Supreme Court Justice), William Cohen (former US Secretary of Defense 1997-2001), Sting (Artists and Human Rights Activist), Stephen King (Author) and Sakena Yacoobi (Executive Director of Afghan Institute of Learning and TKHF grantee).  See the full list of signatories as well as the open letter and press release from Amnesty International.

Khaled was honored to be included among the signatories for the letter and hopes that the women of Afghanistan will not be forgotten or overlooked in the process of discussing the future of Afghanistan, as they are the backbone of country.  The future of Afghanistan must include women to secure progress made and make further advancements in women’s rights.

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