Your Support in Action – 2012 results!

THANK YOU once again for your generosity and support this past year! Without you we would not be able to support life altering humanitarian work in Afghanistan. Often, the support you provide helps in immeasurable ways, in the hope YOU inspire, the dreams YOU allow to grow and the enthusiasm YOU spark. We are pleased to share the tangible ways your support has changed lives as well. Please see below for a listing of some of the ways you have helped through your support in 2012!

YOUR support:

  • Funded the building of 55 shelters for 330 people.
  • Provided before and after school classes in Tangi Saidan, Qaia Luqman and Reshkor.
  • Funded the scholarships for 10 street children to join the Aschiana program, getting them off the streets and into the classroom.
  • Supported one female resident for a residency program at Afshar Hospital.
  • Helped support the Children’s Support Center providing educational opportunities, psychological counseling and a safe home for children of women imprisoned in Afghanistan.
  • Provided funding for teacher training workshops, educational programs for street kids and outreach work to convince families to educate their girls.
  • Supported an early education center in Balk Province allowing 30 children to attend. Since its opening there has been 100% attendance and the meal that is provided is often the only and most nutritious meal the children will get all day.

It is never too late to get involved, join us in changing lives!