Grantee Updates

TKHF Welcomes GoodWeave USA

We are proud to announce that GoodWeave USA has become one of our newest grantees!  GoodWeave’s mission is to end child labor in the handmade rug industry and to provide educational opportunities to South Asia’s more than quarter million “carpet kids.”

In 2011, building on its nearly 20 years of experience in India and Nepal, GoodWeave expanded to Afghanistan. The needs in Afghanistan are a natural fit for GoodWeave’s services – the carpet sector is the country’s largest legal source of employment and a third of elementary school-aged children work, including many who are sold into bonded labor, sexual exploitation and early marriage.

GoodWeave’s programs are specifically designed to break the cycle of poverty that is perpetuated when children compete with adults for the same jobs, kids don’t finish school, and a nation’s top export is undervalued in the marketplace. The opportunity for impact is even greater because Afghan women make up most of the weaving workforce. When women have access to good jobs and earn decent wages, they have more of a voice in the household and often choose to spend those resources in ways that nurture their family.

We truly appreciate the commitment exhibited by GoodWeave USA to end child labor in the handmade rug industry and to provide educational opportunities to South Asia’s “carpet kids” and are particularly pleased to be able to support their work to prevent child labor and trafficking in Balk Province, Afghanistan. Our grant will support GoodWeave’s educational program, which will include a combination of early childhood education, rehabilitation for former child laborers, vocational education and school sponsorship for at-risk kids in Balk Province, Afghanistan.  See below for more on the work GoodWeave does.

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05 Factory School Weaver 08-made-in-afghanistan

2011 Shelter Update from UNHCR and Update on Shelter Costs

Thank you for participating in our 2011 Shelter Campaign.  We are pleased to share that The Khaled Hosseini Foundation provided funding to the UNHCR allowing the completion of 106 shelters, providing homes for 636 people.

Since 2008, The Khaled Hosseini Foundation has provided funds for the completion of over 350 shelters for families in regions throughout Afghanistan in collaboration with the UNHCR. These shelters provided housing against the harsh elements for over 2,000 people. Based on UNHCR donations to date and at the current cost of shelters ($2,000), we have funding for an additional 23 shelters in the first quarter of 2012!

See below for testimonials from the families who have moved into their new shelters.

Total Support to Date




The cost of a shelter varies given foreign exchange fluctuations and costs of materials.  Currently the cost is $2,000 (USD).


  • I still can’t believe we are standing inside our very own home,” said a smiling Mohammad Akbar as he stood with his children inside their newly built home funded by The Khaled Hosseini Foundation.”

In 2002, Mohammad and his family fled their home to escape hostilities over which they had no control. When they returned to Takhar province, they were able to purchase a small plot of land, but had no hope of saving enough for a home. Thanks to you, Mohammad and his family are now rebuilding their lives and can now focus on preparing their children with the education needed for a future of peace.

  • “I was always worried about shelter and faced lots of serious problems during the past years living under a tent, both in the heat of summer and the cold of the winter.  Thanks to UNHCR and The Khaled Hosseini Foundation we now have a roof over our heads.  I now hope to send my children to school so they have a better life than I did.”

Mohammad Nabi, 35, is from Shoghara district of Balkh province. He fled to Pakistan together with his parents and siblings when he was nine.  Mohammad lived in Jalozai refugee camp near Peshawar until his return to Afghanistan with UNHCR assistance in 2008.  Until this year, Mohammad had no land and lived in a tent.  In 2011, however, he was able to purchase land under the UNHCR Shelter Assistance Program and build a two-room shelter for his family funded by The Khaled Hosseini Foundation.

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photos: © UNHCR

Khaled’s Corner

Books and Movies

I am frequently asked what I am reading and watching.  See below for books I am reading currently and enjoying tremendously as well as some recommended movies.

Recommended reads:

The Keep, by Jennifer Egan –  An enthralling read about two cousins, each damaged in his own way as a result of a childhood prank, who reunite in a medieval castle in Easter Europe.  The book is clever, touching, funny, and contains a whopper of a sleight of hand toward the end.

Olive Kitteridge, by Elizabeth Stroud –  winner of the Pulitzer, this is a novel told as interlinked stories.  The recurring, central character is a force of nature, a stern, wise, sad, belligerent, compassionate, ruthless woman.  This creation is a tour de force.

Supergods, by Grant Morrison –  I know, this one is left field.  But for those who have any interest in superhero mythology –as I do- this is a must read, an exhaustive history of these powerful archetypes and some riveting arguments as to why they linger in our imagination and why they matter.

American Dervish, by Ayad Akhtar –   An engrossing coming of age story about the religious awakening of a Pakistani boy living in a Midwest America.  Touching on post 9/11 religious and political tensions, the book doesn’t shy away from sensitive issues and fully embraces the conflicting impulses wrestling inside the characters.

Recommended films:

Mother of Mine –   A small gem about a Finnish boy torn from his mother and put in the care of a Swedish family on the eve of WWII.  Very emotional film, and beautifully acted.  Maria Lundqvist, who plays the adoptive mother, is a revelation.  Warning: bring your tissues.

Incendies –   Very powerful film about a pair of Arab siblings who return to their late mother’s unnamed middle-eastern homeland to uncover secrets.  This is an at times unbearably painful film, with some very difficult images, but it is one of the most unforgettable films I have seen in the last decade.  I have found myself thinking about this one over and over.

Moon –  One does not always hear the words Science Fiction and Moving in the same sentence.  But I was very moved indeed by this small film, about a man alone on the moon, coming to terms with the meaning of his own existence.  Sam Rockwell gives a terrific performance.

The Kites are Flying

On March 20th Afghans celebrated Afghan New Year, Nowruz.  Celebrated for over 3,000 years, Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the new year.  It is the most popular time for kite flying in Afghanistan.  Read more about the celebrations that took place this year in Kabul in Joris Fioriti’s article Afghan kite-fighting celebrates New Year.

Khaled flies kites in Afghanistan in his trip with the UNHCR as goodwill envoy in 2007. © T.Irwin / UNHCR




SOS Program

SOS Program

SOS Program Now Includes TKR Graphic Novel Curriculum

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation is proud to announce the arrival of its newest curriculum for The Graphic Novel – The Kite Runner.  This FREE classroom curriculum, linked to standards, includes lesson plans, activities, videos, slideshows, and interviews with the Italian illustrator and colorist.  The lessons can be used in part or as a whole.

The Foundation also offers a service-learning component that empowers students to save lives by raising funds to build homes for families in Afghanistan in cooperation with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  Every dollar makes a difference.

Please take a look at our SOS (Student Outreach for Shelters) website for this and our other two curriculums for The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns at  Enroll today!


Meet our Newest SOS Members:

We are pleased to welcome the following schools to the SOS program:

Trinity High School,  Euless, Texas

Approximately fifty students will be doing their own fundraiser for our SOS program.  They anticipate they will be done this May.  Please join us in wishing them the best of luck!

Rye High School, Rye, Colorado

An AP English Class of forty students will be using our SOS toolkit for The Kite Runner and will be participating in the SOS fundraiser as well.  They are creating a paper house and selling each “brick” to raise funds.  They anticipate they will complete their SOS program this May.  We love their paper house idea and wish them the best of luck!

Notre Dame Academy, Patna, India

We are so pleased have a student from a school in India participating in our SOS program.  The student is taking a year off after graduation and will be using the SOS toolkit to reach out to people and expand his personal growth.


Have you seen our new Men’s bracelets?

We have added products made for men, but that make an excellent thicker bracelet for women as well! These handsome bracelets are beautifully hand embroidered with fine detail. A kite shaped pattern runs down the middle of each bracelet, complimented by several contrasting colors of detail work. Each bracelet is a unique piece of art and come in five exceptional colors.   Your purchase will help the Afghan artisans, women working in refugee camps, make meaningful changes in their lives.  Often their work provides the sole support their family will receive for food, shelter and medical care.  Check out our latest product.