TKHF’s Featured Fundraiser

We are delighted to include a new section that will appear periodically throughout the year.  We will feature fundraisers, those tireless volunteers who have sacrificed their time and energy to hold fundraisers on our behalf.  We are eternally grateful for our volunteers and fundraisers.  If you are interested in fundraising for TKHF please contact us at

Maryam Razmpoosh of Montreal, Canada held a fundraiser for TKHF where her friends were invited to enjoy an evening of dinner, games and dancing in honor of her birthday. In lieu of gifts she requested donations to TKHF.  In her invitation to her friends she included information on the foundation, her personal feelings about the plight of Afghans and the need to help them.  Her goal was to raise enough money for one shelter and through the generosity of everyone involved they were able to accomplish it!  We would also like to extend our appreciation to Maryam’s friends who made this possible: (in alphabetical order) Abdoul, Alain, Amelie, Amir Hossein, Amir Sam, Annahita, Bahram, David, Fariba, Farnaz, Francis, George, Hossein, Ilana, Jeannine, Lisa, Mahmoud, Malika, Manijeh, Maryam, Mehrdad, Mehdi, Mike, Mohammad, Nahid, Nicholas, Nidia, Nouzha, Reina, Robert, Sacha, Sonia, Sophia, Tahereh, Ted, Yasamin, Yassaman  and Youssef.

If you have held a fundraiser for TKHF and would like to share your story we would love to hear it, please contact us at

Our supporters are making a difference in the lives of women and children in Afghanistan.



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