If you had 1 minute to flee your home, your neighborhood, your country—what would you take?

On June 20th, UNHCR celebrated World Refugee Day and highlighted the refugee crisis seen around the world through their campaign focusing on what you would take if you had one minute to flee your home.  Khaled shared his most prized possession – a watch given to him by his father.

Khaled told the UNHCR, “my family and I left Afghanistan in 1976 and we were never able to go back because of the war. This watch was given to me by my farther when I was 13 and it’s my most prized possession because it represents the oldest surviving relic of my childhood. It hasn’t worked in thirty years and I’ve tried to get it to work a hundred times…and now it’s running. I can’t believe it.” Find out more about the UNHCR and the programs The Khaled Hosseini Foundation supports.