Thank YOU for changing the lives of 35 families in Afghanistan!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to our Stop the Suffering campaign. To date, since we launched the campaign in November 2012, we have raised over $35k! With our match, and the current shelter cost of $2k, this allows us to fund 35 homes for 210 people. YOU have made a difference; YOU have shifted the scales in immeasurable ways for these families. They will be able to build homes that will shelter them from the brutal biting elements and provide a sense of pride and hope for the future.

You can STILL make a difference, you can SAVE a life. Please join us in ending this needless suffering.

Change conditions for one family, one home at a time. Just look at how great the impact of your gift will be:

  • Just $80 provides shelter tool kits for four families;
  • $160 provides shelter tool kits for eight families;
  • $447 provides the doors and windows to complete a shelter;
  • $2,000 makes it possible for a family to construct their home from start to finish and begin a new life with renewed hope and safety.

A beneficiary family who finally have a home they can call their own!

Temporary Shelter

Temporary shelters that do little to protect families from the elements.








All pics © UNHCR

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