Are you compelled to act?

We have received many letters and emails over the years from students and teachers alike sharing how they have been impacted by reading one or both of Khaled’s novels.

We recently heard from an international student abroad who shared that he and his thirteen classmates were assigned The Kite Runner as part of their preparation for qualifications in AS Literature. While they were assigned one chapter each evening, Sumbul Ahmed read the entire novel in two days. He shared with us how he appreciated the perspective the novel provided, one that was different from what he had previously been exposed to.

We share this story because it gives a face to the many people we have heard from in the past and we feel honored to be able to provide an outlet for this passion and heartfelt desire to help through our SOS program.

We hope you will take action when you feel compelled, whether it is supporting the work we are doing or joining in another humanitarian cause. Make 2013 the year you make a difference. No situation is truly hopeless unless we first give up the hope that change can occur. Change in Afghanistan has occurred over these past few years and we remain hopeful that the country will continue to make strides towards peace, prosperity and most importantly providing safety and security for its most vulnerable people, women and children.

Sumbul Ahmed and his classmates

Sumbul Ahmed and his classmates