The Children of Afghanistan Need Your Help This Winter

Children are dying this winter in Afghanistan because they have no shelter.  They are living in tents that do nothing to keep the biting cold out and they do not have enough firewood or warm clothing to stave off the bitter cold.  Many have no suitable winter clothing and must rely on what body heat their parents and siblings can provide to literally save them from perishing to the cold each night.  You can make a difference this winter.  YOU can literally save a life.  Please join our shelter campaign.  For each donation received we will match your donation up to $100,000.  Find out more about what the Afghan children are facing this winter as reported by The New York Times and BBC News.  Change lives, donate now.


Winter at the Chaman Hozori Refugee Camp in Kabul, Afghanistan

The temperatures hover in the 20’s with only canvas tents or plastic sheeting protecting them from the freezing temperatures.

YOU can make a difference.  YOU can save lives.

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