Updates on where Khaled has been and what he has written

Did you see Khaled speak in San Jose?

Khaled had the privilege and honor of speaking at the San Jose Public Library on August 23rd. Over 500 people attended the standing room only event! It meant a great deal for him to be able to speak at the library considering the San Jose library system had been a great resource for him when he was in school and continues to be for his children today.

Khaled stayed after the event to sign books for as many attendees as requested an autograph and our foundation staff was on hand to answer any questions about the foundation. Were you able to meet them? If not, we are always available to discuss the foundation or answer any questions you may have. Please connect with us!

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Khaled contributes an article to WOMEN to be!

Have you seen the new article Khaled contributed to WOMEN to be magazine? In it he gives a better glimpse into what we do and why it matters. We hope you will enjoy the article.

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Grantee Update

Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation (RRHF) – Razia Jan was named one of CNN’s heroes!

We are thrilled to announce that our former grantee, Razia Jan founder of Razia’s Ray of Hope has been honored as one of CNN’s heroes! It is quite a distinction and we are so proud of her and the work she is doing in Afghanistan. Watch the CNN video now. Find out more about Razia and her foundation.

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GoodWeave opens its first early education center in Afghanistan!

We are proud to share that one of our newest grantees, GoodWeave has opened the early child education center TKHF helped to fund in the Balk region of Afghanistan! Since the center opened in July of this year, 30 girls and boys have been able to attend school and receive a daily meal provided by the center. The meal provided is often the only and most nutritious meal the children will get all day. The children love the center so much there has been 100% attendance every day since its opening!

GoodWeave’s mission is to end child labor in the handmade rug industry and support early education as a preventive measure for child labor. In instances where early child education is unavailable some mothers are forced to have their children work alongside them at the looms. In more dire instances, the mother’s resort to blowing opium smoke in their children’s faces to drug them into a quite state or lock them in rooms alone. This center makes great strides in giving the children a safe place to be while their mothers are weaving carpets. GoodWeave also has the distinction of being the first to send female inspectors to ensure there is no child labor used in the facilities who have signed-up to partner with GoodWeave and carry the GoodWeave label. This is the 1st time Afghanistan will have independent inspectors! Learn more about GoodWeave. See more amazing photos from GoodWeave.

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Our Volunteers – thank you!

We are so grateful to our volunteers. They lend their time and talent to help us further our mission! Without their assistance we would not be able to do the work that we do. They are the ones that put in a full day of work and responsibility and then still muster the energy and enthusisam to help us with graphic design work, website work, social media and marketing! They are located all over the world and still manage to seemlessly provide what we need when we need it! We want to thank them and hope you joins us!

Thank you, Mariam Hotaki (Washington, D.C.), Renee Francois (San Jose, CA), Raj Dhillon (Ontario, Canada), Stephen Mortimer (West Sussex, UK), Kirill Kronrod (San Jose, CA), Cindy Lorensen (San Jose, CA) and Ria Desai (The Harker School, San Jose, CA).

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Welcome to our newest SOS member!

Join us in welcoming Brooklyn Technical High School (Brooklyn, New York) to our SOS program! Emily Ramirez contacted us to register her school and indicated that the schools’ Amnesty International Club will work to fund a shelter! They begin their efforts in earnest this fall. We wish them the best of luck.

Want to join the SOS team? Contact us at Cristie@khaledhosseinifoundation.org.

Find out more about SOS and how you , your school, book club, congregation, etc. can get involved!

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